Tech Tastes Wine with Mosaic Ventures

Alessandra Sollberger is currently with Mosaic Ventures office in London. She graduated from the University of Oxford, with a MSc in Finance, and worked in private equity at Blackstone, covering consumer brands and software, and M&A at Goldman Sachs.  She is the co-founder of Bright Mentors, a volunteering platform that partners with secondary schools around London and adapts its programme according to each child’s needs. To date, their classes have been delivered across various schools in the UK and around London.

Mentors work closely with teachers to make sure they complement their classes optimally, giving children a real perspective on what it’s like to work in technology. The goal is to motivate them to be ambitious about their goals and to help them discover what they could be doing in 10 years from now. Bright Mentors is a network as well – mentors can meet and network with each others, just like teachers do, through different events organised across the year.

Mentors are busy professionals in banking, tech, and VC/PE that find a spare hour a month to support the cause of Bright Mentors, to donate that extra hour a month towards improving the education and professional mindset of teenagers in subjects that can change their lives.

Tech Tastes Wine brings together tech entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts for tech talks and tastings.  Tech Tastes Wine founder, Mrs. Plentz, chooses wineries and importers of fine wines that have an interesting story to tell, so participants learn about wine production methods and wine history, as much as varietals.  “We see wine in a broader context: it is culture, history, geography. We go beyond organoleptic appreciation. We learn about wines and meet influential professionals, investors, and founders from the food, fashion, and wine industries.” says Mrs. Plentz.


 “Tasting is Intelligent Drinking. It is Paying Attention. It is Not Hedonistic.”  Steven Spurrier