Meet Martin Morales

Join us for an evening with Martin Morales the acclaimed chef, author, and founder of Ceviche Old Street, Ceviche Soho, and Andina.  After running iTunes Pan Europe and most recently Disney Music, Martin Morales founded Ceviche Soho and Andina, in Shoreditch. The places are wildly successful, lines at the door every night.  Now he brings us Ceviche Old Street. He has also launched Tiger’s Milk Records, a music company dedicated to discovering new and old artists from Peru as well as the Ceviche cookbook with Orion, and supports, a charity helping very poor children in Peru.

Ceviche Old Street 

Once you taste Ceviches’ dishes prepared under the magic hands and photographer’s eyes of Head Chef Jorge Baumhauer you will be forever enchanted. And the wines. Oh. The wines! We have a selection of natural wines from South America, from winemakers that are committed to sustainability in their method of production. These are sublime organic, natural wines, and have been paired up under Jorge’s guidance. You are in for a treat.