Meet 500startups: Top US Accelerator

Photo: Speaker Matt Ellsworth, 500startups San Francisco
It is all about #growth: post-seed companies in Europe and how to leverage relationships with big corporations to scale.  This edition of Tech Tastes Wine will be addressing growth, with 500 Startups Matt Ellsworth, who is a mentor in their program in San Francisco.

About 500 Startups

500 Startups announced the launch of a new program, Distro Dojo, to help post-seed companies in Europe scale growth and close their next round of funding.  Using capital from the previously-announced Distro Fund, 500 startups plans to invest in 20 European companies over the next year at cheque sizes of between £100,000 to £200,000.  In addition to receiving funding, companies will participate in a three-month program focused on customer acquisition. The first month will be in-residence at the new WeWork building in Moorgate, and program tuition is approximately £30,000 (paid from a portion of the investment).

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